Princess Diana conspiracy to kill her copyright for sale.

Friday December 13, 2013 (My birthday)

Diana Die. A political conspiracy that killed, it rests on the possible death of Princess Diana or under her maiden name, Diana Spencer. Copyrighted the 9th December 1996 at the USA library of Congress, a legal and historic document. Now it is for sale, asking price USA$10 million. It comes under intelligence, political violence, terrorism, etc… The storyline is extremely controversial to say the least. It is written from the author side and his public relation activities.  Many other parties are just being ignored because believing conducting thuggery acts. Obviously my story line has an opposition, it’s not a big problem. No doubt the author took part to violent intelligence activities largely as an observer.

The main problem I had for many years was to enforce my copyright. With so much new material having come out it can now be done. All I have to do is to write my own story, not the ones from the many other side spoon feeders, they would be unworkable. They can do their own storyline without me if they dare.

Princess Diana (PD) the conspiracy to kill her. Mid 1996 a decrypting was done from intelligence specks from a suspected so-called canary trap (Zapruder Movie, Orson Welles Scare, etc.). As a result a copyright was registered just in case at the USA Library of Congress as “Road Ferals” or under its second name “Mad Roadies”. Just in case she would be killed. It is also a partly broken code. Let say; the same way as the Enigma machine allowed to locate U-boats positions of NAZIS Germany during the Second World War. Just to name one case amongst many others. Noting was done about the code breaking to avoid scare warmongering. PD conspiracy to kill her was a non event from my side of the story. (Or was it?)

Without having registered a copyright Dec 1996 my conspiracy to kill story would be unreliable. Obviously it is a decrypting, I actually don’t know who the cipher or ciphers are, even that I have some suspicions. All I know are proxies. Or was I the unwitting ciphers for a drama to come using proxies? In any case who did it for whatever intends broke the chain of events. It explains all. He was “coucouing” same as a coucou bird, nesting in someone else home. All what had to be done was to shut up and play a wait and see game. It will have consequence for France officials allowing them to play a wait and see to figure out what was to go on for the years to come.

It is France Front National party officials who early in August 2013 were partly responsible as proxies for uncovering Princess Diana (PD) suspected conspiracy to have her killed. The officials made use of strategic secret intelligence supplied to them from France national security secrets; also they had the right name. It must have come to a shock to them, they probably never suspected being into it. To me their work is very much welcome. There was so much cover up and still is; that advancing the drama was very difficult so far. The Front National matter must have soon after come across France current President Mr. F. Hollande. In return must have had important dealings with British Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron who not long after admitted to PD murder suspicions in mid September.

No doubt the conspiracy to kill PD was a brutal act with unspoken of emotional nature intents. It will probably never be possible to write the full story, it is a time bomb.

For many years to come the drama will be lingering, even that it will become much easier to point the finger at the culprit(s).

Obliviously I’ll have to bite the bullet about it all with no rancour and be a raconteur. Such is fate for some people, perhaps I was at the wrong place at the right time. Or perhaps I had what I deserve, fame. Perhaps I am Mr. Nice Ice.

Mid 1996 Olga phoned and said to me,”Never face off with anyone, lucky if you come out alive to tell your story. Who did that to you could also be your murderer.”

1991/1996 OLD STORY LINE.

The nth April 1980 an agent told me at Orly airport. “If you come across something fix it yourself.” I didn’t reply. Of course then it was unrelated to my story to come.

1/ Mid 1990, I went to California USA with a tourist visa. There was a stopover at Honolulu, Hawaii. At the customs check in I was passed straight when reaching an administration  hub a man and a women tried to make me understand by signs and lip sensing I had to keep to myself and  save my money that my name was on the computer system. It was intriguing (CIA). An adult man standing in the queue behind me said, “Perhaps you could make a lot of money.”

About 24 hours later when I was at about midday in Los Angeles down-town an adult man caught up with me and said. “You are being followed, these people are idiots. Perhaps you should go to San Diego Zoo and have  a good time.” Perhaps he had a macaque humor. He also said a few things about the British secret services, they were trouble makers.  No doubt something was going on. There was great expectation and curiosity. All I had to do was to wait and listen for my time to come. It would have to be very hot to handle. I knew I had an historic role to play and would have to be self promoting because no-one would do it for me.

A day later I went to visit Yosemite national park where I arrived at about midday and spend a night in a cabin. I was given a 8 beds for me alone while I heard some people had trouble getting a place.  The night was chilly and I anxious, something was wrong. I could heard some people complaining about that bloke alone in a big cabin. On my way back by coach I spent the night at Merced in an old western style hotel. I was surprised when the manager, a tall dark aired man with a mo asked me to show my passport. He then said, “I will have to spend the night at the desk”. He then seem to look at something in a draw. I actually suspected he had a gun. I felt like going to another place but it was about 9pm, so I quietly went to my first floor room. I didn’t sleep well and the manager probably didn’t. When checking out he looked tired and say “Have a nice day”. I then booked a late flight to San Francisco. There I looked around it was relaxed.

2/ In 1991 there was lot of crap around with still plenty mystery about it. At worst it was plain foul mouthing or ground checking for a down the line activity. There was no such thing as people doing anything they would know about. They did many names dropping. I came out with the conclusion they must have hidden motives, being handled or being manipulated. I started to ask myself many questions. What was the problem? There was nothing in sight as far I was concerned. It was to be true for several years to come.

3/ Late 1994 Igor a Russian adult man called me a mid Sunday morning to tell me and said in Russian, “Dobrie dien, menia zavout Igor.” (Good day, my name is Igor.) Surprised and suspicious I didn’t reply even that I understood him well and then he added. “Watch out for the Orson Welles Scare.” He then hung. It looked to be a long distance call. I didn’t know what he was talking about. (I found out later the same year. The War of the Worlds; a USA CBS radio play.)

NOTE: Late 1992 an adult Russian woman I met a couple of times and I knew as Olga, a tourist from Mexico said to me. “Come with us, keep out from them. (She did the look back.) The meaningless can remain nameless.” She intrigued me. What kind of person would she be? She knew I was French and could speak Russian. I suspect it was her who had Igor to contact me and gave to him my number from the local phone book.

4/ Late 1995 Igor called again same another mid Sunday morning as before and said. “Watch out for the Zapruder Film, work it out.“ He hangs up. (Actually I heard about the film on a French TV network, the USA President Kennedy shooting in Dallas. Yet I wasn’t quite sure what he meant. I felt Igor could be well-informed and a reliable tipper. Not just one of these proxy thugs I met who were being handled as I always suspected.

Igor pushing in same as many other people I knew but he had different motives. It was more like foraging for material.

In fact I didn’t like being in contact with some of that information even that it made me curious in the long run and kept it to myself as usual. Perhaps I could make money in the long run.

5/ Mid 1996 I once more pondered about the obtained data. First off all it was all trash as far I was concerned, never there was a real suspicion by me Princess Diana would be killed in some ways. It was also dangerous stuff. Maybe I could put my name on a secret file, all for fun of course and with a risk. Working out a credible scenario was a possibility. If failing my name would be in the shadow and if successful I could publish myself. Anyway I did a decrypting for an action, it had to be. I tried to work out a scenario with the information’s gathered from many sources, some years old. Lot of it crap and clearly unrelated with lot of names dropping. (Let say dunces.) Then I felt PD was Princess Diana. Once when in France I also owned a German Diana air pistol. I felt it was used because I told some people during casual talks who also were shooters. It was very intuitive..

There was Igor Orson Welles Scare and the Zapruder Film. From other sources Joan of Arc, Alma, tunnel, scare, Paris to burn; mostly specks talk. Many so-called specks were rather unconvincing; sometimes it pays to be dumb. All out a plenty, it had to be much focused. Actually it was very hard work to make it credible for me. I am no Parisian. (How often I heard ignorance is bliss?) Some people were saying emotional. What was the fuss? To me all that stuff was never emotional. They were just being rude.

6/ Princess Diana, in fact PD (Not Princess Diana, PD is double talk.) could be bumped on a road drama, that assessment being mainly made from Igor Zapruder Film and some of the mentioned location specks. They had to be some kind of run. I wasn’t even sure it would be Paris, France, even that it was at the back of my mind.

7/ Aug 1996 I decided to put my name just in case she would be killed. I had to hurry up to work out the problem, the longer it took, the more there was a sense of failure and urgency. She could be killed and nothing was done. I worked out the title to register with a dummy storyline, as “Road Ferals” and with as second one as required, “Mad Roadies “. They were registered late Dec 1996 at the USA Library of Congress. In name only for being unable to work out the exact drama. It showed to be a right guess. The Zapruder Film scene helping a great deal, USA President Kennedy murder.

8/ (Note the Road Ferals storyline a standard play is already brutish and then my English wasn’t best. It was also my first play with lot of learning.) In fact I wasn’t certain she would be killed at all, as a result nothing was done. It was far too complicated for me. It was also too dangerous, a hot potatoes. Not many were ready to handle it. It was a back-room work. I never told any French’s officials. I felt if they didn’t know the better. How often did I hear ignorance is bliss? Even that it is not always the case.

9/ I could also be very superstitions. New year 1997 I had a set of three dices. I throw them out once at midday to make 13. They could be like divination pendulum affected by the sun activity. It didn’t work out. It looked like she would be lucky. I mean, who was she that woman? A rich and famous vixen gone on the loose! Who is that idiot who told me I could have a black widow?

Sure there were people doing weird things. The entire thing was outrageous, yet no one as far I knew I knew could pinpoint the actual conspiracy to kill her, it was too remote. As a result nothing was done whatsoever apart my copyright registration based on a strong suspicion. As well, as far I was concerned she could be better off dead simply for not wanting to play her conspirators to kill her political games, it was as simple as that. I never contacted any French’s authorities.

10/ I was as well aware there could be down the line political activities from the killing parties, revenge, pushiness or whatever else these nasties could do. Including many so-called national security issues in several locations from people believing they had a role to play. Nothing was planned out of ignorance from my side. It was clearly understood what the death of Princess Diana (PD) could mean including for my own safety. As far the French’s were concerned, the less they knew, the better. I was well aware that if the French’s authorities knew about it they would have done something to prevent the drama and as well they would have played the royals of England political and strategic games. I just didn’t want that at all. It is often said ignorance is bliss. PD was left to her killer(s) if it ever were to happen. I believe I took the right and rough decision at that point of time. As far I was concerned that woman wasn’t worth that much after all.

11/ About a year after I did the decrypting, the 31st August 2007 Princess Diana with her partner Mr. Dodi Al Fayed died as the result of a road crash in Paris Alma underpass at high-speed and with it was a paparazzi chase. The actual death of Princess Diana and her partner came to a surprise to me for never being sure it was to happen. At the time I felt endangered, it was best to keep silent till further information were to come out. There wasn’t much to go on. Anyway it was declared an accident due to the intoxicated driver Mr Henry Paul. I ended believing it, even that it wasn’t convincing at all from what I knew. I also felt off the hook, much better for me. If anything my evidences were unreliable for being not much else than a smart decrypting from indication of activities I came across much earlier. It wasn’t my time; perhaps I would have to come out later.

12/ A few weeks after the Paris accident Igor called me a mid Sunday morning around 9am as he used to do. “You know it is the ex-husband who was behind the Paris accident, I am sure of it.”

“How do you know?” I asked him.

He replied, “Because I know, it is a political conspiracy as you know too found out. He uses proxies to make war.” A short silence.

I tell you what, in that kind of situation it is normal practice to declare one drunk or under drug. It would have to be the driver. I see what can be done about it. “Da cvidania! KGB” (See you later! KGB) He hung up, it was to be his last call.

13/ Did I have anything to do with Princess Diana conspiracy to kill her? Logically: not at all. I never conspired to kill her nor was I involved with the fatal crash scene in Paris. It turned to be her death wasn’t to be the main concern, but the way to read it for posterity or postcard something I already suspected mid to  late 1996. I decided to remain quiet about it and abandoned the case.


14/ Mid 2013, I decided to have my file read once more. I had to provide some information but not too much. From my experience when people get something from me they think they own it all and bloat like toads and of course they turn against me for having made them too smart.

As mentioned early August 2013, I contacted France Front National party (FN) official’s to see what might happen with them. In the email I indicated Princess Diana was victim of a conspiracy to have her killed. It was a France national security secret and perhaps to ask former President Jacques Chirac for more information.

15/ Soon after in the media it was recognized that Princess Diana and Mr. Dodi Al Fayed might have been victim of foul play. I don’t actually know the actual course for the drama disclosure. Yet the timeline indicated it is related to my information’s. Lot of back-room talk must have taken place at the highest levels.

16/ Not long after the female partner of a former British SAS soldier claimed she was told of his involvement in Princess Diana death. Since then the ex-soldier fled the UK fearing for his own safety. I understand that.

17/ Mid September British Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron also got involved in a matter he would be likely to be unrelated to him by admitting Princess Diana was victim of a foul play. It reads more like a cover up, it only appears a minimalist position is accepted. In any case he had to mind his rear end. Yet his involvement is very much welcome for shifting the drama onus much more toward Britain. It was suspected by me from the very beginning anyway, mid to late 1996. I don’t think the Royals of England will like his admission, it was an anti-climax. It tipped the tables toward the possible culprits.

18/ My emails with France Front National officials was still kept secret. Not good for me. I felt being shunned by people wanting to make themselves self-important out of nothing. As a result the 24/25 Oct 2013, I contacted Freedom Party Dutch politician Mr. Geert Wilders by email a couple of times explaining what went on with France Front National official’s secrecy. To him too it must have been a shock to be to have access to that kind of material. I even had a few feed-backs from France media blurbs.

19/ THERE IS MORE TO IT. That is written after the known events of Aug 1997 and after. All are educated guesses. I never decrypted with them.

a/ Actually I was once looking at a tidy small blue Fiat in France about May 1976 at Angouleme, France. I don’t remember if the name was Uno. I fact I never intended to buy it. I had a good white R16 then. Later perhaps 1991, I casually made that kind of comments during a motoring conversation to some people. Of course they had different vehicles, including bikes. It was casual with no down the line malice.

b/ The flash in the pan, someone said that a few times, about 1991. I knew what it means but not much else. The British SAS soldier who claimed to be part of PD killing said to have reported the Mercedes driver was in fact blinded by something stroboscopic.

Would it be the flash in the pan? Shield that is. The people who made the flash in the pan comments had probably no understanding of it either. I won’t believe they knew what they talked about even if latter coming out they knew, it was too esoteric.

c/ About mid 1978 to early April 1980 I lived and worked at Lyons in France. Did anyone called Lyons came out on PD scene in one way or another?

d/ They were red shields in 1991 several people made a comment about the Ros-Shield family for red shield, they emblem.

Would it have meant the stroboscopic light on the Mercedes shield would be blinding as for a red shield? I don’t think anyone then would know what it means. Even that there could have been plenty forward planning for a down the line secret strategic intent.

e/ What was certain about Princess Diana conspiracy to kill was, it wasn’t to be done by me at all. I wasn’t even in the equation. Just popping tags! Other officials were to do it. For certain I was taken for an idiot and I didn’t like that. I found these people rude.

f/ When in  France I also used to own a German Diana air pistol .177. Could have it been the incipient event used to make Princess Diana believe she could be victim of a conspiracy to kill her and then MI6 officials and other to read it back? It is a complete mystery. I mean the rumour had to start somewhere.

The crap list goes on.

20/ Aug 2013 Princess Diana and Mr. Dodi Al Fayed brutal death admissions were from intelligence work out of 1995/1996. Not a 2000, 2005 or 2013 event as if it was the case for many other people who joined along. To read the pedigree (PDG) storyline of Princess Diana, (PD); the PD-PDG conspiracy to have her killed, one must have the right name. PD/PDG was part of the decrypting of 1996. It was assumed in was for Princess Diana, PD. Because it had the word pedigree (PDG) associated to it. It has to be appreciated  lot of hard work and soul-searching had to be put into it.

21/ FINDING OUT HISTORIC CLUB ACTIVITIES; for political correctness.

Breaking up the dates is very important. Too many people often don’t seem to understand the timing of the events that took place. It is a huge problem. Some seem to believe they were in it while it was never the case.

a/ The PD-SC.

There has to be the Princess Diana Secret Club (PD-SC) out there that could be as dating as far as 1995/1996 to 1997. It is made of people who participated to the conspiracy for whatever reason of it might have been.

b/ The PD-UC.

As well there are the unfortunate ones who had their names dropped in the storyline and are in fact completely unrelated to the original act.

Any-time from 1990 to 1995. The Princess Diana Unfortunate Club. (PD-UC).

c/ The PD-SKC.

Also there is the Princess Diana Skunkies Club (PD-SKC), 1998 and after. Many of these people could be quite unpleasant. Many arrived far too late and yet they think they own it all. Many should check their ages and what they were doing in 1996/1997.

d/ Lot of people not worth mentioning or just a general audience that is bound to keep growing up.

22/ In many ways Princess Diana conspiracy to have her killed shares traits with the much earlier murder of USA President JF Kennedy. Both died on a road drama and were the object of cover ups. Both regarded as national security risk. One still waits for the right people to come out. I mean the ones from before the act, not after it. To recall, to me her death was never a certainty, only an educated guess registered Dec 1996 lot of it done with self-interest for down the line. The oncoming events were only to confirm my suspicions, saying otherwise would be false erroneous.

23/ Historically and technically I own Princess Diana conspiracy copyright registered as “Road Ferals” or “Mad roadies”, in name only. All was done after an arduous decrypting, and of course with lot of forward thinking. My story seems to have lot of contradictions, there never was such as thing as a plain path. My activity by-pass the secret services of France, Britain, USA, Russia and perhaps many others. I also follow no rules but my own, my work being a back-room one, a secret file thrown away. (It was too embarrassing to give it to officials.)

24/ Also it is hard to write a very complicated story. Being one of the first also gives rights when the true events uncover themselves. It also had to spend money, to register my copyright I had to buy a computer (Atari), display, printer and the scripting software. Learning to scrip was also a very good exercise to organise my thought for what was to come.


a/ The 21 Nov 2013 I contacted the USA news Network CNN by email explaining a few details and issues about Princess Diana conspiracy to have her killed. That a decrypting was done mid 1996 and nothing else was done about the conspiracy to kill. I had a copyright claim on the drama registered at the USA Library of Congress late December 1996. The drama was also a France national security secret. That it was likely the royals of England won’t like their Prime Minister MR. David Cameron because of his admission on Princess Diana suspected death conspiracy.

b/ Soon after President Mr. barrack Obama burbled the CNN email on various TV networks across the world, in fact it was very much welcome. I like to be endorsed.

I propose him a 5% share on my copyright claim sale for his support and another 5% to USA Secretary of State Mr. John Kerry. Claims on shares can be larger on a sale past and above 10 million USA$.

c/ My copyright is registered in the USA and is for sale for US$10 millions at least. It can also be in Euro or Swiss Franc currencies. It is also enforceable; I do have a real historic participation. It is a legal document, the rightful new owner it could be an advertising bonanza that could make hundreds million of dollars and even lot more.

d/ What remains to be done is to replace the dummy “Road Ferals” or “Mad Roadies” storyline with a more historic and realistic one, something that was nearly impossible to work in 1996. A fair amount of material came out in Sept 2013 and of course it can be used, most of it being admissions of real values. I can also add more material of my own. Anyway thanks to British Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron for his officials admissions, he was very helpful to solve my case. (Or was he making a damage control?)

e/ Only genuine offers will be considered for the sale. I CAN BE CONTACTED  by leaving a contact or note to “cloublog” comment window, either in French or English. (Don’t use Russian, I am out of practice.) That blog is edited in English because French’s in general don’t care about Princess Diana or PD.

NOTES                                                                                                                   What I came across is a sad and brutal story. From palaces to sewers but I don’t pity PD. Please don’t ask for more names behind the drama. Tempers can flare and bullets can fly. The skunkies or tea-spoon feeders and late comers are not represented at all for being inarticulate foul mouths. That is a French storyline disconnected from any political participation. That blog is edited in English but not French, it is because French’s in general don’t give a shit about Princess Diana or PD, not much good for me. (Chapter numbers are for time lapse guidance, because the story line with relevant  its feelings is written that way.)

My motto is; I’ll fend for the French’s.  I’m no after revengeful acts as solutions but amiable one

Dec 2013

NB: The storyline had added adjustments mainly because it wasn’t fully ready in time for the intended publishing date, my birthday.


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